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Astrology is an invaluable tool for personal growth and development, understanding the world around you, looking into themes and events throughout history, and understanding the age in which we live. There is so much beyond the sun sign horoscopic astrology of magazines and columns, and I’ve dedicated myself to helping you break down these concepts and expand your starry horizons.

Hi! I’m Fairlie

My magical journey began once my grandmother gave me my first tarot deck at the age of seven. And while a good witch never reveals her age, that was a long time ago.

Since then, I mentored under a popular Parisian astrologer; studied hundreds of books on tarot, astrology and magic, including esoteric texts; and given hundred of readings to people in need of clarity and hope. However, I still consider myself a perpetual student, constantly seeking new sources of inspiration and perspectives for my practice. My life has been devoted to harnessing the therapeutic effects of tarot and astrology to help others unlock their unique strengths and embolden their ideal selves. I truly believe that the power of magic rests in offering alternative perspectives and additional insight into your life; giving strength and control back to you for spiritual growth and healing.

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